Eager to launch your
own start-up?

Next call: October 2020

We are the biggest advocates for students who want to combine their studies with the launch of a start-up. We think it is brave, clever and we encourage that.


You’re one of them? Well, hello there and congrats!

We are THE incubator for entrepreneurial students of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. We vow you to support and guide you through the set-up and launch of your start-up. (in good and bad days). We’re your squad 💪

Can you apply?

Check-box for the ideal candidat.

(You can apply alone or in a team.)

  • At least one team member is a student of Vrije Universiteit Brussel.
  • Plan to launch your own start-up.
  • Recently launched your start-up.
  • Interested in entrepreneurship.
  • Motivated to learn and become a better entrepreneur.

Some pointers for you 👇

  • Our services are free.
  • We offer personalized coaching.
  • We organize regular workshops about branding, business growth, modeling, pricing,… everything you need to know to become the next Tony Stark. (or Captain Marvel 👩🏼‍🎤).
  • We organize networking events where you can develop your business.
  • We give you access to our co-working space at Usquare.

How to apply

Contact us

Send us a brief description of yourself and your project before February 29!

Conditions for admission

  • Entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Concrete plans to launch a start-up or in the early stages of your start-up.

Pitch in front of a jury

We’ll give you five minutes to pitch your idea in front of a jury; don’t worry, they don’t actually bite. Your feel your plan is not fully waterproof? Don’t worry. Convince them with your mindset and drive and you’ll be fine.

  • Is your potential business legit?
  • Do you have what it takes to combine your studies with launching your start-up?
  • Are you open to receiving feedback and willing to adapt?


For practical reasons we select 15 teams per call. The next call is in February 2020. 

Motivation and entrepreneurial mindset are major criteria. Beyoncé didn’t become queen overnight.

Your field or level of study is not a selection criteria.

Practical Information
You need to prepare a small presentation to pitch your idea. This presentation needs to describe what you want to do, how and for whom.

The pitching is planned on Friday March 13th in the morning.

We are your sidekick.

Start.VUB offers a great deal of expertise. Furthermore, we are always looking for new experts. Do you have specific questions? No problem. We’ll try to match you up with an expert tailored to your needs.

“Our business-experts and coaches are there to guide and support you.”

– Start.VUB team

What we offer

Co-working space at Usquare

See U will welcome some eighty temporary users to breathe new life into this unique historical site. The projects that will enliven the site tie in with this, from the perspective of a social and sustainable future. – Usquare

Starting up a business requires creativity and a lot of input. We are sure you’ll find both in our brand new co-working space. One of the coolest projects in Brussels is the best place to invite potential clients and meet team members.

Where better than one of the coolest project in Brussels? 👏

Training, education and workshops

We provide courses and workshops in entrepreneurship. Check out our calendar. We organize over ten workshops per year that cover various aspects to help you become a better entrepreneur.

#branding #sales #marketing #businessthinking #legal #pricing #funding

Network events

Finding the right prospects, partners or investors is critical when starting a new business . Yes, we know, building a network can be difficult. We lower the threshold by setting up network events where you get the time to pitch your ideas and solutions. Don’t hold back to ask the coaches for input or recommendations neither, remember they promised to help you.

The co-working space is a 5minute walk from VUB’s main campus
and is easy to go to when following classes. 👌

The VUB organizes a number of additional services and courses for student entrepreneurs:

Statute student-entrepreneurs

When you are running your own business or are planning to launch a business, you can gain this flexible statute. This allows you to better align your business activities with academic courses. More info is available here.

Send an email to ‘start@vub.be’ to apply for the statute.

Entrepreneurial courses and programs

The VUB offers a Master of Science in management, a Postgraduate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Engineering, the Starter Seminars, and a number of elective courses and training. Find the full program here.



March 2020

Start.VUB workshop: pitching

Usquare Brussels

Registration open soon


March 2020

Student Entrepreneurship Day

Usquare Brussels

Register now!

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